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World Of Warcraft gold is the currency that allows players in WoW to obtain items such as mounts and gear within the game. The problem many players have is they think that in World of Warcraft how to make gold is too hard to achieve and they go looking to buy gold for real money.
Buying gold from a website presents a couple of potential problems:

It can get your account banned. 85% of those who buy WoW gold get caught and their account is banned, no questions asked.
If you make a purchase and you do not receive your gold you have no recourse at all. You cannot complain to Blizzard because your account will be banned.
Blizzard has set up the economy within the game to mirror real life and those that learn how to take advantage of the many ways to use it to make World Of Warcraft gold find that you can make a ton very easily.
The cost to even buy from a website that offers cheap WoW gold can run you about 20 bucks for only 1000 gold. When you burn through that purchase you are going to be looking to get even more and this leads to people spending tons of real world money for game money. Does not make much sense now does it?
The best way to learn how to make gold in WoW is through some of the guides that have been put together by long time players who understand the economy and the many different ways to generate money within the game. As a comparison, let’s say you want to get enough to buy your epic flying mount which costs 5000 gold.
Through a cheap WoW gold site it would cost you around $100 dollars and after you spend that you still have no gold and do not know how to make anymore. The cost of a good gold making guide that will teach you how to make as much as you want without spending a ton of time is usually around 35-45 dollars and will not get your account banned.
There are no special secrets to learning how to make World Of Warcraft gold but there are some very effective techniques through the use of professions, the auction house and some places to farm drops that not all players no about. learning how to take advantage of what Blizzard has set up in the game will allow you to easily take make as much WoW gold as you could ever want and need.
To go out and buy WoW gold is not going to help you in the long run because you will forever be dependent upon that way of getting the gold you need. Take the time to learn the proper techniques from someone who has played the game for years and you can have all the cash you need even at the lowest of levels.