Vanilla WoW bodyguard – Insights

This is really spreading like plague. And it has been happening with the players of World of Warcraft for quite a few years now. This is a disease of different dimensions. It is related to sealing gold and other items from the players of World of Warcraft Accounts. And this is so widespread that I personally have come across many players who have been affected by this. This stealing results in a lot of anger and frustration for the players. Some of the players just go into tears when it happens to them. And it is not any wonder because it takes many hours and months of hard work and toil to get a level cap for a particular character. Are you wondering how this stealing is going on?

There are many methods by which World of Warcraft Accounts can be compromised by mischievous people. The player himself is responsible for the easiest method. He shares his login details for some reason with someone close to him, or even some friend thousands of miles apart in another continent. The person who gets this information breaks the trust and steals what he wants from the account. In most cases, the first person just passes on this information to another person who does the actual act of stealing.Vanilla WoW bodyguard

However, the most common method employed to steal a World of Warcraft account is the use of a small piece of unfriendly software called key logger. It is a kind of computer virus. Hacker installs it in the victim’s computer. The key logger is installed in many ways. It can be bundled with legitimate software which the victim downloads from an unreliable source. A visit to certain unsafe websites also installs these key loggers.

The key logger keeps running in the background and keeps recording every keystroke of the victim. When he enters login information of his World of Warcraft account, it gets logged by the key logger. The key logger then emails these login details to the person who created the key logger over internet. Once the thief gets login information, he logs into the victim’s account and seals all gold and gear that the player might have collected or purchased.

You can take necessary measures to protect your World of Warcraft Account from internet thieves. For one thing, you should never install any software on your computer that has been downloaded from an entrusted source. Another important thing is that you should always keep your antivirus updated. That will alert you whenever you will be tricked into installing any key logger. Moreover, it will also clean your computer of any key logger that might already have installed. You should also take care that you do not share your World of Warcraft Account Details with anyone. I hope these two tips will help protect your account.