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Home Theater Defined
In the past, a theater was a place we went to see a presentation. There were movie theaters, opera houses, university auditoriums, or theaters for dramatic presentations. But thanks to the ever-changing technology that has all changed along with so many other aspects of our lives. Today we want our own home theaters, and many homes now have them.

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There’s no end to the market for convenience, and it reached into the world of the theater some time ago. What could be more satisfying than to be able to go to a room in your own home and experience the same experience you get when you go out to a theater? Many people prefer it because of its convenience and the flexibility to be in charge of what the theater experience will be like.
There are theater rooms in many homes, often large and elaborate. However, for most people, the equipment is in a multi-use room such as the family room or living room. Some people even turn their back yards into outdoor theaters. Typically next to a pool, it becomes the home owner’s standard form of entertainment, with a cook-out, a dip in the pool, and a movie.I strongly suggest you to visit Palm Desert to learn more about this.
Building a Home Theater
You can buy a home theater in a box, if you like. Included are usually a DVD or Blu-Ray disk player and an amplifier with multi-channel capability. The amplifier typically has a surround-sound decoder and a radio tuner in addition to other features. Wires, cables, remote control, and speakers are typically included in this package. A low-frequency subwoofer will probably come with the package.
Another possibility is a video projector and a projector screen. Many people also call these home theaters. If you’re building your own, you can begin small and build it over time or you can set about making a complete system from the outset.
Starting from Scratch

The first decision you need to make is where you are going to locate your home theater. If you have a large room that you want to dedicate to this purpose, the sky is pretty much the limit. You will probably want to start with a sound system with or without subwoofers and surround sound that will accommodate this space. Your sound system will be one of the first considerations even if you’re putting your theater in a multi-purpose room. Regardless, the first consideration for your home theater system should be sound.
You can go with a flat-screen television set and a DVD player, or you may want to purchase a projector and a built-in screen. If your room is dedicated to theater, this is a good way to go. If not, you may want a screen that can be removed from time to time when you use the room for other purposes or even one you can raise and lower. Include USB connections if you want to add a computer or an iPod or other add-ons.
On the other hand, if your home theater will be in the back yard, each of these components must accommodate such a large open space. For example, different components will be needed for the sound system as well as the television set or screen than ones you would purchase for an indoor home theater.